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6 Tips For Healthy Eating We Don't Hear Enough

at warriors we choose to NOT subscribe to the "don't eat this" and "don't do that" diet culture.

Anthea Taeuber

November 20, 2020

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What do you think of when you hear the word “diet?” So — now that we have that covered, here are 6 healthy eating DO's that will lead to a positive relationship with food (this includes feeling comfortable and confident in your current or desired body weight):

Do you feel excited about it? Positive? Negative? Do you start thinking “ugh...not again…?”

At Warriors, this is what we think about traditional dieting culture:

It’s full of “dont’s.” Don’t eat past 7 PM, don’t eat bread, don’t drink alcohol, don’t set unrealistic goals for your body type, don’t eat too much, don’t eat too little.

All the dont's of the dieting world pose one question:

How DO you diet? Like actually, what DO you do?

Most online resources will tell you that dieting is about restricting what and how much you eat in order to lose weight. But that’s outdated. And it's definitely not the key to reaching your healthiest state of being (which is the entire warriors mission).

As Warriors, aka people who are capable of DO-ing anything we put our minds to, we wanted to share our definition of dieting with you: learning to eat in a way that both maximizes your mental and physical health AND feels best for YOU in your body and your mind.

So — now that we have that covered, here are 6 Do’s of dieting that can help with cultivating a healthier relationship with food (this includes losing weight if that's your current goal):

1. DO drink more water

Did you know that sometimes we confuse feeling thirsty with feeling hungry? While water should never replace a meal or snack, it’s important to fill your body with the water it needs to function throughout your day.

A hydrated body is a happy body. See if you can get into the habit of asking yourself the following question "When was the last time I had a glass of water?" If you can't remember, that's a sign you may need to drink more. If you ever feel hungry soon after eating, drink a glass of water and wait 20 minutes.

2. DO eat when you’re hungry.

Feeling hungry is your body being like “hi!! I am ready for food!” When our brain receives that message it’s up to us to respond. Learning to listen to your body and notice when it’s hungry is key for sustainable, healthy dieting success.

Remember, dieting is not about restriction, it’s about giving your body the food it needs to feel good and stay healthy. If you’re not eating when you are hungry, or if you are eating when you’re not hungry, your body and mind may begin to feel out of balance. This is when overeating or under-eating may undermine the effects of your current dieting efforts.

3. DO experiment with different eating routines.

All of our body types and metabolisms are different. For some people, eating three meals feels great for them. For others, eating 5-7 small meals a day feels better. For others, sticking to an intermittent fasting plan (where you typically eat from 12pm-8pm) works well.

Part of “dieting” is learning how often your body likes to eat and when. We encourage you to experiment to find a balance that works for you. Various diet content guides are coming soon to Warriors. Stay tuned.

4. DO spend time exploring your relationship with food.

For many people, food is a form of comfort. In times of stress, we may use food as a distraction or relief...this This can come in the form of either overeating or undereating. If you’ve noticed you tend to rely on food in any way, start journaling about it.

Writing about the relationship you have with food is the best way to begin creating awareness around it. Once you're more in tune with how you personally use food, you will begin to see the changes you can make to your diet on your own.  

5. DO move your body EVERY day.

For our bodies to feel motivated and ready to take action they need proper fuel. Moving every day is the best way to balance your metabolism and keep your energy levels balanced. If you’re looking to see a change in your body weight or shape (within healthy means for your own body type), starting a workout routine is crucial.

By the way...have you done your warriors workout yet today?

6. DO treat yourself.

Depriving ourselves of treats every now and then is not the goal. There is absolutely nothing wrong with eating your favorite whatever whenever you feel like it. At the same time, too much of a good thing is not a good thing. This is especially true when it comes to what we put into our bodies. That’s why at Warriors, we’re all about finding a balance. Everything in moderation is key.

A happy, healthy body = a happy, healthy mind.

When it comes to the idea of “dieting” it can be helpful to remember that our bodies and minds are connected. If we’re constantly thinking about what we can’t eat and should not do, our minds may begin spiraling into negative, limiting thoughts.

When we shift our focus to what we can do and commit to doing what feels good, our mind and body will learn to communicate their needs to each other.

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These 6 dieting Do’s for healthy eating are just the beginning of a very important, lifelong conversation.

If you're already a warrior, stay tuned for more articles on different kinds of healthy eating routines coming soon.

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