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6 Tips to Come up With Career Ideas Made for You

Here are 6 simple tips for finding career ideas that will improve you with a no-stress approach.

Amber Stephens

November 20, 2020

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You might already associate coming up with career ideas as stressful and overwhelming. It can be. However, you owe it to yourself to accept that everything good is a process and be excited to improve yourself. 

Here are 6 simple tips for finding career ideas that will improve you with a no-stress approach.

1. Get to Know Yourself

Knowing yourself is not just about your physical qualities. The person you are inside (cliché, I know, bear with me!) is more important, not only for finding perfect career ideas but for your self-confidence, which is always of utmost importance. 

Focus on getting to know yourself before you begin your search. Make a list of your strengths, weaknesses, or anything you know to be true about yourself. If you're not sure or immediately rush to negative conclusions, make it easy on yourself and use the 16 Personalities Test to outline some of your personal qualities.

Also, set aside some time to consider what comes to mind when you picture your "dream career." 

If most of your career ideas focus on how other people will see you, the amount you make, the status you achieved, what's the point?

It's YOUR life. YOUR happiness. YOUR career. 


The goal is to aim for a career that amplifies your strengths, boosts your self-confidence, and gets you out of bed (even on Monday) with a "heck yeah!" attitude.

2. The Negative Thoughts You Need To Stop Immediately.

Thinking you're not good enough, smart enough, too broke to get there, the career isn't respectable enough, whatever it is that is making it feel making it worse

Firstly, these are totally normal thoughts. You likely grew up sorting "good jobs" from "bad jobs" in your head according to the information presented to you, and comparison in this area is pretty common (but you're learning to avoid it!). 

First of all, it's true that thinking these things about yourself actually do cause you to behave in ways that attract those circumstances. Focus on the feeling of passion, and get excited about how you are going to love your career and that you'll learn something from each step along the way.

Also, just because you look at a certain career as more successful than yours or to be of higher value doesn't mean that's true or that it's any indication of your own value, as you are your own person.

Rather, your strengths are better suited in another area. That's it! 

If everybody is happy and pursuing their passion, then no job is better than another.

3. There Is No Timeline.

Don't even get me started on the things that can throw you off the path (even if you thought you had some incredible career advice). It can be defeating and hurtful to the way we see ourselves. 

But, it's all part of the process. 

There is no written rulebook about when it is acceptable to start, what career, how long you must maintain it, how much money you make- ugh. The list is endless. 

Even if you don't like what you've chosen, or as you evolve through life, you might outgrow your own career! It's worth removing yourself from where you aren't happy and into something new that suits who you are now

Make that change, and do it for you! I'm waving the "you got this!" flag over here for you!


There's no age, or time, where it's unacceptable to say, "I could be happier!", and to act on it.

Don't let other people's opinions influence how you feel you should be living your life (whether you know you're doing it or not!). 

Who said you couldn't become (insert whatever you'd like to be) at (insert whatever age you're stressing about)?.

No, seriously, I'm asking you. Who said it? 

Was it somebody else? Okay, well, it's your happiness. 

Was it you? Okay, well, come on, start the article again.

4. Don't Settle

Don't like busy, chattering, no good light in the bathroom (ugh!) type offices? Refuse to participate in early morning meetings? Want to sit in your pajamas all day? I support it. It's your choice, and it's possible. 

Write down some things you * don't* want as part of your career- no matter how big or small they are, and steer clear of them! Consider them your career red flags. Why on earth would you sign yourself up for something you already knew you didn't want? You just signed up for one extra "Ugh" at a minimum, if not a lot of added dread to your morning. 

I'll share a career red flag of my own, if it's any inspiration: 

Anything stress-related is considered a "no thank-you," "not a chance," "I am out of here."


5. Get Career Choice Advice Professionally

Try engaging with others about their experiences, challenges, and ask for advice! It could spark some inspiration for you or help you realize something about yourself or your goals that you hadn't yet.

As a little bonus tip: Reach out to a professional in the career field you're considering if they have an email or phone number listed. Let them know you're hoping for the insight they might be able to provide. 


If you're still feeling stuck, don't hesitate to seek professional advice from a career counselor. Their career is to help you find yours! Take advantage! 


There may be a career counselor near you, but if not, Career Joy is an easy-peasy way to connect with one online.

6. Try out careers with internship opportunities

This is one of the best ways to put everything to the test. Careers with internship opportunities provide a chance to get hands-on experience. Give it a try, and you can decide if it looks like it'll suit you.

Maybe it will be an experience summarized by one big "NOPE."  Awesome, scratch that one from the list. 




An internship is an excellent way to play with new ideas and get feedback from experienced people in the field. But, there's a major win-win takeaway from every internship: 

You'll Learn Something. 

And sometimes, you end up way more out of it than you thought you would. My own internship with the Warriors community proved to me that I didn't only want to try out my skills in writing...

But that sharing ideas and thoughts with others are actually what makes me feel connected to those around me. I've developed an appreciation for connecting with everybody that I can. I've learned way more about myself than I would.

Let coming up with career ideas be a gift to yourself. Especially at this time, it's easy to feel frustrated, anxious, or upset.

In the End, It's Okay if You Don't Have It Figured Out.

Remember, it doesn't need to go in stages, and the more time you take, the more time you're spending thinking about how you plan to be happy.


Try to find one reason why you're struggling with career ideas and separate that idea from being a personal quality of yours. 

For example, you aren't uneducated. You are *four courses* away from getting the education you're looking for! 

Find something to work on, a reachable goal, rather than a negative quality about yourself. 

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