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How To Restart a Workout Routine Once You've Stopped it

Struggling to start your workout routine again? Here are some ways to start again.

Anthea Taeuber

November 20, 2020

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Having trouble getting back into your workout routine? Finding it nearly impossible to convince yourself to exercise again? Worried that you won't be able to get back to where you were before?


Take a moment to take a deep breath. Falling out of a workout routine is very common and a natural part of being a human. We've all been there before because honestly, life happens! And sometimes, we need time to readjust.

A big upside to falling out of a routine is that it gives you a chance to re-define a new one. Here's how to restart a workout routine once you've taken a break for a while.

Remember That Everyone Starts Right Where You're Starting

Do you feel like you're starting from zero? That's okay. Everyone starts at zero at the beginning of starting (or re-starting) something new. Also, you're not starting from zero. You had a workout routine once so you know you get into one again.


Have a Zero Tolerance Policy for Comparison


A great way to ensure that you don't start up a workout routine again is to compare yourself to the fitness progress of others.

At Warriors, we recommend spending no time comparing yourself to other people's bodies, how much weight they can lift, how fast they can run, etc. It's okay to set goals for yourself and use your role models as inspiration, but the moment you compare yourself to where they are in their fitness journey, you create a barrier to you traveling along your own.

Take Baby Steps


If you've taken a long break, easing into exercising again is key. Because your body is used to resting, going all out could be dangerous. You may easily injure or discourage yourself. But, if you start with a little bit each day, you'll naturally feel able to do more and more.

Create Achievable, Short-Term Goals

The key to sticking to any workout routine is building momentum.

The best way to build momentum is to set short-term goals that you can reach quickly. Perhaps you give yourself a week to build up to running a mile, or maybe you do 10 more crunches every day for five days. We recommend starting one of the Warriors challenges and sticking to it. Remember you don't have to do every rep or every exercise, just start and do what you can!

Upgrade Your Habits

Sometimes there's a reason a certain routine doesn't stick. Perhaps your life shifted in a big way, or your stress levels went up. Or maybe you got injured or have been struggling with depression.


It's important to do check-ins with yourself so that you can adapt and adjust your workout routines when needed. If you felt like something wasn't working, how can you rework your new routine?

Some ideas:

  • change the time of day you workout.
  • experiment with different kinds of movements (dance, cardio, HIIT, static, yoga, etc).
  • Get an accountability partner to help you stick to your new routine.
  • Make a list of ways your body LIKES to move. Make another list about how you feel after you move in that way. Then, try to incorporate more movement like that into your workout routine.

Doing this will help you form a new routine that your body and mind will want to stick to.

When In Doubt, Do It For You

On the days when you fall back into thinking that you "can't do it" or that "it won't be worth it" or that you "already missed two days so all of your progress has gone to zero again," stop yourself. Take a moment to remind yourself that YOU are the reason you're starting a new routine. You want to work out because it makes your body and mind feel good and strong and ready to conquer any challenges that life gives you.

You can do it. You can always do it.


Reward Yourself

When you reach one of your short term goals, celebrate your progress!

Whether it be treating yourself to your favorite dessert, writing a congratulations letter to yourself, going to dinner with a friend, or sharing your progress with someone who inspires you, be sure to take time to honor your hard work.

Take Your Small Beginnings Seriously

The most powerful results come from inspired consistency, so remember to take the beginnings of your new routine seriously.

If you can begin today by taking one baby step towards moving your body, that's a strong start. If you build on that every day, you'll be in a great routine before you know it.

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