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Struggling to Stay Motivated To Workout? Here Are Five Secrets For Building Motivation.

Need help with staying motivated to workout? Read these five tips.

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So — you're struggling to stay motivated with your workout routine. Girl, we feel that too.

The good news is that you're not alone. Everyone faces this challenge along their fitness journey. Welcome to the club! The even better news is that after reading this article, you may feel an increase in your motivation to workout.

What you're about to read comes from the mind of one of our warriors, Edina (@ervenienne). We asked her:

"What would you say to someone who's struggling to stay motivated with their workout routine?"

In her own words, this is what she had to say:

"First of all, 20% effort is enough to achieve results.

This is one of the biggest eye-opening facts I have learned about life and progress in general.

Also, if your diet is well-planned, you do not need to spend hours in the gym every day.

But, if your diet is unbalanced, or you're unable to be flexible with your gym time you will likely:

  • A) lose motivation
  • B) be unable to adapt to constantly-changing life situations and may "fall off the wagon" of your workout progress.
  • C) get your body so stressed out that you will stop seeing results. can you keep your motivation up? Here are 5 things that have helped me stay motivated:

1. Variation MIGHT be the key.

I switch workouts every month. To be completely honest I get fed up. My body gets! fed! up! I'll start thinking "enough of these burpees and squats", so then I'll switch it up... "Now it is time for dance!"

2. Until you see results stay away from Instagram.

Remove all the fitspo photo's from your phone and PC. Comparing yourself to someone's end results causes you more stress than you might realize. Also, it's highly demotivating and harmful to compare yourself to other people's journeys.

Instead, look at yourself in the mirror every day and notice how YOUR body has changed. That's what matters. When you think about it...we pay all this attention to strangers when OUR bodies are crying for attention. It's sad.

We need to practice giving ourselves the love we deserve. Your body deserves your love! It's what carries you everywhere. It's what gives your mind a home. No matter how hard it can feel to love it, love your body as much as you can in every moment.

3. Stop reading posts and articles on what workout you SHOULD do.

Instead, try different workouts. As soon as you find the right one you WILL KNOW. Your body will sing during the workout. Listen to your body.

4. One day at a time.

Focus neither on a deadline nor on the number of workouts you still need to perform until you reach your goal. Focus on the present day. For instance, you can think to yourself, "Self! I will do my 20 minutes of dance aerobics today and that's it! Tomorrow isn't any of your business (yet)?" Always remind yourself to trust the process.

5. Get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.

Motivation does not come from outside. When it comes to working out, my advice would be to invest first without expecting anything specific. As soon as the results start to show, THAT will be your motivation to keep going."

Thank You, Edina For These Tips for How to Stay Motivated

If you'd like to continue any part of this conversation with Edina, you can find her at @ervenienne on Instagram or reach out to her on Telegram.

Edina: on behalf of all Warriors, thank you for adding your insurmountable value to the Warriors community. You sharing from your warrior heart will inspire other warriors to share from theirs.

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